07 March 2016

Easter Chick Painting

I've been painting in acrylic so far but have just gone and bought some oil paints and very quickly relived every awful oil painting mistake that I ever made. I haven't painted in oil for 30 years!!!
I have got the painting to this stage and now I am waiting for paint to dry.

02 March 2016

Mini Clowns

Had a go at tiny painting and may try some more but I am really looking forward to having space to cut wood and start making automata again. Not long now I hope!

14 February 2016

Why I Love Embroidered Pictures!!

I have just been cleaning the glass of the first embroidered pictures that I ever got to study in close detail. Again these were my Grandma's. Every time I see them I want to sew.

18 January 2016

A Painting is Happening!!

Although I may have peaked at this point and everything else will be overpainted or painted over.

13 January 2016

A Fabric From My Childhood

I found these curtains forgotten in my attic! They used to hang in a bedroom at my grandma's house.

The knights look like women with moustaches! 

06 January 2016


I decided to have an experiment with a very inexpensive method of silverpoint drawing. Basically scratching with an earring onto a acrylic primer ground.

This is the result. Very small drawings because the sharp end of the earring is so fine but I think this could be quite a fun way to draw. A little softer than ball point.

12 May 2015

Military Band Old Curtain Fabric

I used to love these fabrics when I was little. It was as if you had a adventure picture book at your window and my favorite childhood curtains had knights and ladies.

If you stand still for long enough a bird will nest on your hat. 

Flowers clearly make a lot of noise when they explode

And here is what it feels like when all the cool instruments are taken and you get left with the cymbals!

24 April 2015

Not so Scary Painting!

At long last! I seem to have produced endless dark and scary paintings that I really wouldn't ever buy and hang in my own home!!! and at last I have painted one that is just a little bit odd and not scary. It is not quite finished and I still could ruin it but I am overjoyed to have made a bit of a brake through.