25 January 2014

The Birds

It is too cold to work on automata at the moment with the temperature below freezing in the garage so I am embroidering like mad to get my control and skill level where I want it to be and move my work on. This is another small sketch 45cm by 28cm. And I do like some of the nuance in the line.

18 January 2014

A More Successful Embroidery

Thankfully the nasty ravioli wasn't the only thing I made today!

Nasty Ravioli Cushion

I did a quick little embroidered character which was a bit disappointing, so I thought I would add him to my odd cushions. I thought that a triangle flag edging would be in keeping with a circus theme but unintentionally made a nasty ravioli!

16 January 2014

Cathartic Embroidey

I have at last finished an applique embroidery that I began in October knowing I would be returning to the UK very shortly to nurse my lovely father through his last weeks. Now back in the US I have set too to finish all the work I started before I begin any new projects. This is quite a large embroidery and very much about knowing you are going to meet a difficult time.

11 January 2014

Puppet Challenge

I have been included as a participant in Clive Hicks-Jenkins' Artlog Puppet Challenge


The theme for the challenge is Folktales, Fairy Tales, Myths and Legends. 
I am really excited to see what the other artists make and the Artlog is fabulous reading.
 I'm planing to make a flying ogre from a Chinese fairy tale called the Flying Ogre. I'm attempting to make a glove puppet that transforms from a little girl into the ogre, in the tale he disguises himself as a little girl.
Sorry this design work is all a bit rough, I don't have time to spend making the prep work wonderful. Anyway this is where my ideas are going but the final puppet will be less basic.

I had the idea to make a little girl glove puppet whose head will open and the ogre will be inside. 

I made a rough head toille to work out if the idea was plausible, how big to make the girls head so the ogre will fit inside and also plan where to place the ogre's features. I'm basing the ogre design on Chinese tiger baby hats.

Having reread the tale the girl should be barefoot with unbound hair so that design will change. 
Once a balloon is inflated inside the ogre's head he has a great flying action with those ears.