30 July 2012

More of the Automaton

Here is Toby based on a real boy,

the little girl riding the crocodile

and the lay out so far a bit randomly propped up. Next to make the stage and get them moving, the cardboard background doesn't really add any drama.

28 July 2012

Mini Mr Punch and The Peacock has a Tail

A few slightly more finished elements.

The Bobby will be the boys puppet hence the missing lower arm.

16 July 2012

Automaton Progress

Slow progress and this is not quite the final composition but I am at long last at the gluing and painting stage.

Also testing some movement options as I can usually improve on my initial ideas when I have the 3D figures  to play with.

03 July 2012

New Automaton Roughed Out in Wood

Lot of cutting and sanding and I have the first stages of my next automaton. Slowly the doodle is becoming 3D.