31 March 2014

First Automaton in 2014 Finished!

I can't believe it has taken so long to finish one. This has been a long cold winter!
 So here is 'The Planned Sabotage of The Amazing Catso Bro's Trapeze Act.'

Olaf the dog menacing with scissors.

The Catso Brothers who's rather over swingy trapeze act is possibly about to end! 

27 March 2014

More Puppet Progress

I have nearly finished my puppet for the Clive Hicks-Jenkins' Artlog Puppet Challenge.
The little girl puppet that transforms into an ogre is coming together well and seems like it may work. 

I had to make the girl's hollow head to fit the ogre inside. I decided to use non-slip shelf lining material to build the head shape and cover it with pieces of an old fine knit cardigan. Then use unraveled cardigan to make the hair.

I made the head in two parts and attached them at the neck, front and back. I made the neck from the neck of a plastic bottle to give a good rigid support to the head.

The two halves of the head are tied at the top with a ribbon and when this is loosened the two halves drop down and out comes the ogre!

After testing the head worked I drilled a hole under the girl's chin and stitched it to the neck and attached it to the ribbon at the top. I then stitched hair to the head.

I have made fabric hands and lower legs so now need to make a dress to finish the puppet.

21 March 2014

Mr Punch is in Prison!

All the mechanism is strung and tested. Just a few little finishing touches to go and then I will make a film!

13 March 2014

Cats and Dog Automaton

I have too many things on the go and all at early stages but I will finish the Devil in the Cupboard soon. He is actually in the cupboard I just have to finish the other characters and string the mechanism. Anyway here is a little taster of some of the other things I am making.

A flower that will have a bug land on it's behind

And 'The Sabotage of the Amazing Catsos' Trapeze Act'. 
I think this may be the first dog I've made.