30 June 2014

Torpedo Factory Tomorrow!

Tomorrow I start my time as a Visiting Artist at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA. If you are able to visit this week, I will be in the studio everyday except Friday 4th July. I have spent all day sorting out work to take with me and found one of the knitting girls that I made during my time there last summer.

Knitting a Jelly Monster.

I am really looking forward to being there again.

27 June 2014

Drawing on Wood

I have been working out how to build up drawings on primed wood and then keep then there. I am quite hopeful that I may get this to work.

Below is the first stage of the next drawing that I have underway.  I have prepared  the first layer of the drawing by just drawing on the primed wood with pencil. Next I will fix it with matt spray varnish, add some white acrylic, a layer of thin shelac and then more drawing.

25 June 2014

Principle Boy and Little Titch Automata Finished.

I based my Principle Boy on the Glaswegian music hall star Marie Loftus. She does a little gentle flapping of the hands and kicking of the legs as she hovers above her stage.

And Little Titch looks a bit Mr Bean and a bit Alan Cumming but does a fairly effective big boot dance.

The real thing!

17 June 2014

I'm at the Torpedo Factory in July and Aug.

I will be a Visiting Artist at the Torpedo Factory from the beginning of July to the end of August in studio 333 on the third floor.
I am busy working on some automata inspired by the Victorian Music Hall and Pantomime.
Below is Little Titch and his Big Boot Dance and

Marie Loftus

and her stage.

07 June 2014

More Finger Puppets

A slightly Daliesque cat.

And the winner of the knobbly knees contest. I still need to make him a rosette.