20 October 2014

Imaginary Friends

Meet Poco!

I have just spent two days with the fabulous artist and author Kathy Beynette in her studio at the Torpedo Factory Art Centre in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. For the 40th anniversary exhibition of the Torpedo Factory we aimed to illustrate 40 childhood imaginary friends on two small dresses. We got to hear the most fascinating stories and the finished dresses are being raffled off for $1 a ticket in her studio, Studio 5. If you want the chance to win one you have until November 18th. 

13 October 2014

A Random Doodle that Combines Wood and Embroidery

I have just finished having a play with an embroidery that I started in the Summer This really is an unplanned doodle but the outcome means that I have a way forward to work that really does combine embroidered and wooden elements. I only need to work out how and if I can make it move.

Wooden Clouds.

A Wood and Embroidered Queen Jezebel. 

And the reverse of the embroidery that was sadly covered up.
I had a great suggestion from a visitor to try working both sides of the embroidery. To establish the image on one side then flip it and work the back as the front. So that will be my next experiment. 

27 August 2014

I mixed my devil with a cat

Maybe there is something about horns that add the extra element of menace.

05 August 2014

Visit Little Titch and see him Dance.

If you are in the DC area I have five works in this exhibition at Gallery Plan b 
It starts tomorrow with the opening reception 6-8 on Thursday and..

I am still in studio 333 at the torpedo factory until 30th Aug.

25 July 2014

Chelsea Boots

I am just waiting for the paint to fully dry on my latest automaton, Chelsea Boots.

The Bovver Cat now has a flower.

19 July 2014

Bovver Cat Automaton and a Weed

He swings his mouse in a menacing way

But he is not as menacing as this tiny plastic cat that I bought in a variety store yesterday!

and a weed.

18 July 2014

Handsome Cats!

A Handsome Cat

and a Slightly Wary Handsome Cat

09 July 2014

Puppet Challenge Completed

I have finished my puppet for the Puppet Challenge at Clive Hicks-Jenkins' ArtlogIf you are interested in seeing the making of this puppet search the Puppet Challenge labels on my blog.

Clive is in the process of posting the online exhibition and it is so exciting to see the fabulous puppets made by the other artists.

And here she/he is...

As a little girl

and as an Ogre

Here is a film that I made on my own, behind a curtain. I really struggled with the unintended sound effects that a balloon can produce while being inflated and deflated. If I was a performer I could have used these to great effect! and had a much more earthy ogre.

08 July 2014

This Week at The Torpedo Factory

I have been sewing, well drawing with my sewing machine on fabric and

on net. I should have photographed this on a clean bit of wall!

But I am delighted with the quality of line on the net.

I have also had a go at reworking some old pictures. 

30 June 2014

Torpedo Factory Tomorrow!

Tomorrow I start my time as a Visiting Artist at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA. If you are able to visit this week, I will be in the studio everyday except Friday 4th July. I have spent all day sorting out work to take with me and found one of the knitting girls that I made during my time there last summer.

Knitting a Jelly Monster.

I am really looking forward to being there again.

27 June 2014

Drawing on Wood

I have been working out how to build up drawings on primed wood and then keep then there. I am quite hopeful that I may get this to work.

Below is the first stage of the next drawing that I have underway.  I have prepared  the first layer of the drawing by just drawing on the primed wood with pencil. Next I will fix it with matt spray varnish, add some white acrylic, a layer of thin shelac and then more drawing.

25 June 2014

Principle Boy and Little Titch Automata Finished.

I based my Principle Boy on the Glaswegian music hall star Marie Loftus. She does a little gentle flapping of the hands and kicking of the legs as she hovers above her stage.

And Little Titch looks a bit Mr Bean and a bit Alan Cumming but does a fairly effective big boot dance.

The real thing!

17 June 2014

I'm at the Torpedo Factory in July and Aug.

I will be a Visiting Artist at the Torpedo Factory from the beginning of July to the end of August in studio 333 on the third floor.
I am busy working on some automata inspired by the Victorian Music Hall and Pantomime.
Below is Little Titch and his Big Boot Dance and

Marie Loftus

and her stage.

07 June 2014

More Finger Puppets

A slightly Daliesque cat.

And the winner of the knobbly knees contest. I still need to make him a rosette.

23 May 2014

Inspired by a Lovely Unexpected Gift

I was sent some wonderful cardboard monster finger puppets by a very dear friend. Then having watched too much TV about Appalachian men with extreme beards this was conceived!

I am now trying to perfect a nobly knees contestant and a smoking baby based on the same finger puppet idea. 

09 May 2014

A Gorgon Tries to go Straight

With moving arm, moving hair snake and combing action trying to straighten hair.