27 February 2013

Another Mr Punch Automaton Finished

I started with a proverb but I made the stage too small and had to take out the policeman. He was there to symbolise the Law so it no longer makes any sense but I do love the final result. Maybe now more of a nod to Pandora's Box... Mr Punch's Cupboard.

21 February 2013

Biting Cat Automaton

Another cat prototype complete, although this is a variation of the one that spurred me on to make some cats. When you pull his tail he shuts his jaws and will bite anything that is foolishly put in his mouth.

19 February 2013

A Pokey Tongue Cat Automaton

I have finished a cat, when you turn the little crank his tongue pokes out and pulls back in.

 I have a few prototypes on the go so more cats will follow.

07 February 2013