22 January 2013

Working out the Mechanism

After spending the afternoon with cardboard, string, masking tape and fishing wire, I have worked out the movement and got most it moving. Now: the devil dances in the cupboard and opens the door, Mr Punch closes the door and hits himself in the eye, the crocodile chews, the policeman puts his whistle to his mouth and points away from the door and the flower lifts the child to look out of the window. Can't wait to start painting!

18 January 2013

Automaton Starting to Take Shape

I do have a design but it is very unresolved so this will evolve. At the moment it is long and thin with stuff happening in a room and a devil in the cupboard.
(I probably need to rewrite all that if I want to make myself sound like a proper artist..)

17 January 2013

It's Always Easy to Start with a Scary Cat

The first few hours of stitching and thankfully some detail is starting to emerge. At least, if the whole picture goes awry, I can now turn him into a nice cushion.

11 January 2013

Mr Punch Embroidery

I started cutting a new automaton today but it doesn't make an interesting picture as yet, just a pile of oddly shaped wood. I have also started embroidering some of my Mr Punch designs.

This is quite massive at about 4  foot square and quite daunting as I know it will take a very long time to complete. I have started with a quick paint sketch and applique base, now ready to begin machining. This Mr Punch, now I see it at the side of my Blogger About Me photo, looks uncomfortably similar.

07 January 2013

Knitted Bender

I found a good pattern on Ravelry and after a couple of aborted attempts have knitted a Bender! I am a bit rubbish at tension so the first attempts came up far too big and this one is a bit snug on the loo roll. I recommend the pattern should anyone want to knit a Bender.

06 January 2013

Knitted Finger Monsters

I am waiting for my husband to finish using the workbench so it's silly season and I have turned my hand to knitting Finger Monsters. This was inspired by a recent trip to the National Pinball Museum in Baltimore where is saw this one and decided to look for my collection. For some strange reason I have been collecting these all my life.

My oldest Finger Monster

and the two attempts at making a knitted version.

I should get the bench back tomorrow or I'm off to buy finer wool.

01 January 2013

Fabric Baby Crows

I needed a little crow to finish a puppet character but somehow I now have four!