29 October 2011

Drypoints of The Proximity of Insects

Three silly drypoints based on my insect obsessed work. I haven't done any printing for a while so these are my test pieces before I start some proper work. Now that I have done these I want to make them into embroidery pictures as I think this is the perfect line to convert to stitch.

27 October 2011

Automaton of a Bug in a Box is Finished

Painting done and bug made, this is my favorite automaton so far and she still slams that lid with a good smack.

A few seconds looking at the bug and then smack! and the lid is shut.

21 October 2011

Automaton of a Bug in an Box

Another automaton at the test stage. This one is based on a comment from the fabulously talented printmaker Sue Brown re. not letting people know that you are collecting dead insects as your friends may send you samples in match boxes which can be disarming!! So this is the sketch I made after her comment. 

And here is the automaton in the raw.

I did try to make a match box but the friction of the box inner and shell kept jamming, at the moment this has a good slam to the lid. I have a little shaping and sanding still to finish but I can't wait to get painting and making a disarming bug. 

12 October 2011

Automaton of having Ants in the Pants

I have a few automata on the go at the moment and have just finished my first 'Insects are after me' automaton. This poor victim is being bothered by a couple of red ants and is stamping her feet to shake them off.

10 October 2011

Automaton of Mr Punch and a Crocodile

I have finished my first Mr Punch automaton and the mechanism works! The crocodile bites and Mr Punch judders.

I am most happy with the fact that the girl isn't looking too sad and pathetic and is enjoying scaring Mr Punch.