27 February 2012

Spring Bulb Person Puppet

A plant puppet, upside down bulb person. I made this and then discovered Florence Upton's 'The Vege Men's Revenge'. What a weird book!

22 February 2012

Automaton (very short film)

As satisfying as it was to learn to upload video, making decent videos seems to be really hard. I need a willing friend to turn the crank at the right time of day when the lighting is just right! Any way here is a little snippet of the girl with a bug in her box.

13 February 2012

Finished Mr Punch Automaton

At Last!! and Video.

I have discovered that it isn't easy to make a film while you are also turning the automaton's crank so I will get help next time! 

Yippee two milestones: I can upload video and make automata that are animated from above! I can see that improving both skills will be great fun.

 Thanks to Philsing at manivelles.unblog.fr for the push to get this sorted and the inspiration of Lesley's lovely strong man.

03 February 2012

New Puppet Character of a Boy with a Cat Hat

I am still working on the movement of my crocodile automaton but I have just finished this little boy with an odd cat hat.