23 July 2017

IMAGINARY FRIENDS are Coming to America

I have been working on researching and documenting imaginary friends for an exhibition in Rockville, MD this September. Here is a little taster with more to follow.

03 May 2017

03 March 2017

Automaton Cat Mechanism Succeeds!!

It worked! The prototype cat and birds mechanism will move a puppet.
The little bird wing/hand things move up and down and lift and drop the strings.

And the puppet girl starts flying. 

26 February 2017

New Automaton Experiment

A prototype frame in the form of a cat with birds sitting on his lap. This is the support for the crank shaft and followers that will be the mechanism that moves a puppet, that is if it works!

24 February 2017

More Gum Arabic Transfer onto Fabric

Further Gum Arabic Transfer printing using photocopies of Biro sketches.

If you are interested in learning this technique I bought a fabulous leaflet explaining the process from Sue Brown. She also runs courses check them out here.

26 January 2017

25 January 2017

Makers' Play Day

My wonderful pal Sue Brown held a Makers' Play Day at her the yard: ART space in Cheltenham this past Monday. A fantastic gathering of artist/makers coming together to play, experiment and swap skills. I took some scrap fabric and a unsuccessful painting and after an intense few hours of sewing came home with.........

An Old Soldier

With a cat on his reverse.

I am going to resist cutting up more paintings but plan to try further experiments using my play day discoveries.