23 February 2015

Still too cold to cut wood!!!!

I don't want to risk losing fingers so I am still not able to cut wood and make automata. I'm waiting and waiting for the spring weather to arrive but staying inside I may be in danger of losing my marbles!!

A dead mouse and

a girl with Catsos in her hair. 

Continuing the photos at odd angles here is the muse for my painting. This painting was hung very high in a gallery in the Corcoran in DC.

12 February 2015

Painting! I've been putting this off for a long while!

It is still far too cold to cut wood in the garage so I have decided to try and relearn to paint. The start of a long road but one that I hope can only improve my automata. I've started with a couple of quick little paintings on wood. First was Napoleon the Chimp and then a far too nervously painted Duke of Wellington. Anyway I have made a start at last.

06 February 2015

The Blackbird

Here is the finished blackbird which ended up as a marionette and not a rod puppet as in my mock up. An almost successful prototype.