22 December 2011

Automaton of a Fairy with a Bug

I have sent my first automaton through the post and it arrived all working and in one piece.
One of the highlights of each Christmas is the strange fairy that I receive from my friend Sue. We have been doing a fairy swap for years and this year I used my fairy for Sue to see if an automaton would survive a transatlantic crossing. The fairy is a bit experimental as I gave it strings to work the wings and arms, she has quite a puppet like suspended arm swing. But the automaton surviving the posting is great as I can now start selling them.
I think that I always come off the better for the swap as I get the most fabulous fairy from her. I have a superb enamel one this year.


15 December 2011

Embroidery Experiment with Painted Faces

I have been struggling for ages to work out the best way to embroider characters so that they don't just look like badly drawn art. In the past I have used Biro to make the faces. Having looked at a Russian icon I thought that I would try and inset painted faces, a possible way forward if I work on my painting skills. I quite like the idea of contrasting the heavily embroidered cloth with painted elements. 

The Biro faces seem to fade over time, I made these about about 28 months ago 

And the original monkeys doodle.

13 December 2011

Free Machining Embroidery and Applique Doodle

It's been a bit cold in the garage so I thought I would go back to playing with my sewing machine. I decided to do a random doodle to start me off. Somehow I always doodle scary cats.

The reverse is interesting.

And a previous scary cat doodle. Sorry the picture is so fuzzy but I have it in a frame to remind me not to make scary cats.

06 December 2011

A Fabric Beetle

After being bothered by stink bugs I've had a go at making a fabric beetle. I thought this may be just the character that I need to add a bit of drama to some unfinished works.

He has a good creepy underside. I am going to enjoy making more beetles.

And now this problem piece has a sort of group dynamic and some composition.