17 August 2011

Sketch into Free Machine Embroidery experiment No.3 and 4

Experiment No.3 is and example of why you shouldn't do experiments with artwork that you don't really like. I took a random sketch thinking that I wouldn't be too precious with it.

Had a limp attempt at under painting before machining using some old watercolour paint. I didn't want the paint to overpower the drawing.

Free machine embroidered for a couple of hours and ended up with an image that was far too cartoon like. Now I have another large piece of fabric that I have no idea what to do with.

But I did learn enough to make me think I would try this again with a picture that I do like. I went back through an old sketch book and found this image and decided to use it for experiment No. 4

I haven't tried ironing it yet (too much like housework) but I am happier with the end result. I think the problem is that I can get a far more tonal line with a biro and I need to do preparatory drawings in fine line pen so that the line will fit closer to the stitched line. 

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Sue Brown said...

It's amazing to think that these are stitch. I can't wait to see the real thing, but I know I will have to.
I love what you are doing and isn't experimenting great...frustrating but great. XX