19 September 2011

Rust Dyed Silk

I did a felt making course a few years ago with the most inspiring and talented teacher, a textile artist called Lyn Griffiths. I was really excited to find her blog before I had started mine and found the perfect technique I was looking for to add age to fabric. I didn't want to use old and precious fabric and have frequently used tea to soften the colour of new fabric. From Lyn's blog and her fabulous dyeing experiments I had a go at using rust to add an unusual effect and I am very happy with the results.
I folded wire wool into small pieces of  damp silk, I am working on a small scale as making puppet clothes.

I left the silk for a few days in a zip lock bag until I could see rusty patterns.

This was interesting but with too much contrast and still didn't look very old so I soaked the samples in tea and got a fantastic new blue grey colour appear, some chemical reaction happened I'm sure. 

I am really delighted with the results! Now think I need to go on another of her courses and learn to dye properly and more of her fabulous techniques. 

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Sue Brown said...

What is it about the new and shiney that we don't like? I know it is the rusty and chipped that covers up a multitude of my sins. I think it must be the mark making junkies in us, I love the marks the wire wool has left and I am very excited that rust can be fired into enamel. Looking forward to seeing what you make this fabric into. XXX