22 December 2011

Automaton of a Fairy with a Bug

I have sent my first automaton through the post and it arrived all working and in one piece.
One of the highlights of each Christmas is the strange fairy that I receive from my friend Sue. We have been doing a fairy swap for years and this year I used my fairy for Sue to see if an automaton would survive a transatlantic crossing. The fairy is a bit experimental as I gave it strings to work the wings and arms, she has quite a puppet like suspended arm swing. But the automaton surviving the posting is great as I can now start selling them.
I think that I always come off the better for the swap as I get the most fabulous fairy from her. I have a superb enamel one this year.



Sue Brown said...

No I think I get the better end of the deal...thankyou. XXX

Wendy Rhodes said...

What a wonderful exchange between two such talented artists. More than a 'Fair'y deal on both sides bringing you creative joy at Christmas. Thank you both for sharing this exchange. Wx

Printed Material said...

You are both such talented artists, how can you help but inspire each other - and the rest of us too. These automatons keep getting more and more intriguing Caroline. I love them.

Jill said...

found you via Sue and Lesley and I am bewitched.