15 April 2013

Large Embroidery Finished - Nip from a Cat

After an epic battle with my sewing machine (most of the problems could have been solved by oiling and cleaning) I have finally finished another large picture. I still need to stretch it as this one is far to big to become a cushion but I am so thankful to be able to move on. I am trying to be very disciplined and not start a new work until I have finished the one I'm working on, I have to do this because I would never finish anything!

 It has sparked ideas and ways to move forward with many technical problems solved. I stopped the unstitched areas of the picture from distorting by bonding white fabric onto the back of the work, this kept the fabric weight and stitch tension fairly even throughout the embroidered images. So where on each figure there isn't coloured applique on the front there is white applique on the back. I am still trying to work out the perfect scale to make the image so I can retain the detail of the stitched drawing, this scale is a bit large as a lot of the stitched line detail blends away as you move back to view it but I am getting there.


Sue Brown said...

A triumph, I like the details like the cheeky pigtail and cat with eye brows. I still can't believe the marks are stitch, they look so drawingy (I know a made up word).
It's very quiet here, but the photo book is back!!

Printed Material said...

Yes, I agree, a triumph, not only of your sewing skills but of your imagination. Fab. By the way, who ever oils and cleans their machine? You are not alone!