22 June 2013

Automaton Knitting a Robot

I have been working on a range of knitting girl automata, this one knitting a robot I finished yesterday.

Today a wonderful little boy came in to the studio and was really fascinated by her. He asked how long it would take for her to finish the robot. He then spent ages turning the crank to try and get her to knit more of it. (At lest 15 mins and then kept sneaking back in to get a few more turns) 
I can clearly remember when I thought that knitting was a skill that involved bashing sticks together to make woolen things. 

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Sue Brown said...

Do you mean knitting isn't just bashing sticks together to make things happen? Doh! that's where it is all going wrong for me.
I love your knitting figures and what they knit, hope the residency is going well. XX