21 February 2014

Puppet Progress

My 'Puppet Challenge' puppet is taking shape. I am now hoping that the ogre's head will eventually fit in the girls head!

I couldn't resist making various ogre features 3D. 

After working out the best position, parts were tacked into place before machining.

I used some iron on adhesive to position 2D features.

I have a rough plan of how I want the ogre to look but as I went along I positioned each feature in relation to the ones already in place.

So here is the almost finished result. 
The little girl may need big hair!
I have carved the girl's face in wood to give it a mask like quality.


Sue Brown said...

Liking the Japanese influence or is it Hindu deities? Great teeth.

Clive Hicks-Jenkins said...

This is thrilling. Fantastic work going on here. Well done.