27 March 2014

More Puppet Progress

I have nearly finished my puppet for the Clive Hicks-Jenkins' Artlog Puppet Challenge.
The little girl puppet that transforms into an ogre is coming together well and seems like it may work. 

I had to make the girl's hollow head to fit the ogre inside. I decided to use non-slip shelf lining material to build the head shape and cover it with pieces of an old fine knit cardigan. Then use unraveled cardigan to make the hair.

I made the head in two parts and attached them at the neck, front and back. I made the neck from the neck of a plastic bottle to give a good rigid support to the head.

The two halves of the head are tied at the top with a ribbon and when this is loosened the two halves drop down and out comes the ogre!

After testing the head worked I drilled a hole under the girl's chin and stitched it to the neck and attached it to the ribbon at the top. I then stitched hair to the head.

I have made fabric hands and lower legs so now need to make a dress to finish the puppet.


Printed Material said...

Just brilliant.

Clive Hicks-Jenkins said...

Oh this is WILD!!!! Well done!!!

Peter said...

This is bonkers but brilliant!!
Have you got any plans to film it like you do with your automations Caroline? I would love to see that ogre in action!

P.S.for a first attempt those hands and feet are fantstic - love the slender fingers!