09 July 2014

Puppet Challenge Completed

I have finished my puppet for the Puppet Challenge at Clive Hicks-Jenkins' ArtlogIf you are interested in seeing the making of this puppet search the Puppet Challenge labels on my blog.

Clive is in the process of posting the online exhibition and it is so exciting to see the fabulous puppets made by the other artists.

And here she/he is...

As a little girl

and as an Ogre

Here is a film that I made on my own, behind a curtain. I really struggled with the unintended sound effects that a balloon can produce while being inflated and deflated. If I was a performer I could have used these to great effect! and had a much more earthy ogre.


Gina said...

Unfortunately I couldn't see the film but I love the puppets!

Sue Brown said...

Fab, loving the inflatable head, I feel like that so often!!

Printed Material said...

Caroline, Your ogre is a worthy addition to what has already been an amazing artlog challenge this summer. I can't begin to imagine how many hours work have gone into her but she is fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Wowah... seriously scary!!! Especially when the head swells up
Charlie liked it though.