13 October 2014

A Random Doodle that Combines Wood and Embroidery

I have just finished having a play with an embroidery that I started in the Summer This really is an unplanned doodle but the outcome means that I have a way forward to work that really does combine embroidered and wooden elements. I only need to work out how and if I can make it move.

Wooden Clouds.

A Wood and Embroidered Queen Jezebel. 

And the reverse of the embroidery that was sadly covered up.
I had a great suggestion from a visitor to try working both sides of the embroidery. To establish the image on one side then flip it and work the back as the front. So that will be my next experiment. 

1 comment:

Sue Brown said...

What a skilful way to work, it does make sense to work both sides together. This is such a rich layered, piece, viva la experiment!!!