13 January 2016

A Fabric From My Childhood

I found these curtains forgotten in my attic! They used to hang in a bedroom at my grandma's house.

The knights look like women with moustaches! 


Christopher Lettington said...

Wow - this brings back memories - I remember staring into them for hours and hours. I always found them so magical, how the maidens were so colorful whilst the knights were so cold and stone-like but with that hint of prussian blue. Strangely enough, the colors used in this composition are all my favorite colors. It's wonderful to see them all again, like meeting old friends. Thank you

Christopher Lettington said...

P.S. I always thought the women look like the Knights but without moustaches - Isn't it tempting to get a pen and draw beards on them all?

Printed Material said...

Don't put them back in the attic! Put them up somewhere. They are fabulous. Wish my Gran's had had similar taste to yours. She had boring curtains but some great plaster wall plaques which I tried to offload onto SB with little success. Now, if she'd had curtains like these I might have had more luck!