09 January 2012

I Forgot I Made These

A trip back to England has reunited me with many items which I had completely forgotten that I had ever made. These are the two that I was most excited to see again and that I feel can inspire work in the New Year.
A very dusty tin automaton of a person brushing a flower. I made this in a workshop a couple of years ago.

And this collagraph print of a girl, made as a card for a dear friend. Like finding an old sketch book it is wonderful how much something you made ages ago can be just the right inspiration.


Sue Brown said...

It is like coming across old friends and reminds us that we are not half bad at this making business. I am off to sort out the shed, goodness knows what I will find. XX

Printed Material said...

Hey, I still remember Lucky the dog in that felt exhibition at Gloscat all those years ago. I can close my eyes and picture him with his gold tooth to this day! Finding old things often reawakens the interest that created them in the first place doesn't it? Can't wait to see what these finds inspire you to make next Caroline.